English bitter Ale. It is made from four varieties of Slovene hops grown in the Savinja Valley. Aurora is used for its bitter quality, Celeja, Savinsky Golding and Bobek for aroma and dry hopping. The base is provided by pils malt grown by the brewery’s own farm, a percentage of pale malt, Carapils, Weizen and Crystal. It is a beer that plays with the equilibrium of lightly toasted malt notes, with a slender body that makes it easy to drink and a decisive but not invasive bitterness, leaving the mouth pleasantly fresh and clean. Unlike American hops, Slovene hops are less aromatic and fruity, they have sharp herbaceous flavours that make this beer original. A real pub beer, it is best enhanced when drawn from a pump into the classic English pint glass. Enjoy it by itself or try it with fried dishes, even fish, marinated dishes or blue-veined cheeses. Top fermented beer, amber colour, not filtered or pasteurised, it undergoes a second fermentation.

Minimum shelf life 8 months.