polaris zanna beer

A classic Pils, clear, fresh and aromatic, with a pleasant after-taste of hops. It uses 90% pils malt grown by the Villa Chazil farm and malted in Austria, at the Stamac malthouse. It is a very mild beer, so it has a very low sugar residue that makes it particularly drinkable and fairly dry. Three varieties of hops are used, all grown in Bavaria (Hallertau). Perle for its bitter quality, Saphir for Aroma and Polaris, which gives its name to the beer, for dry hopping. The last of the three is a variety of hops that is usually used for dry hopping, in view of the high concentration of alpha-acids, however it is dosed sparingly in this phase because of the richness of the essential oils that it contains, giving a characteristic aromatic touch with slightly piquant and balsamic notes. This beer is ideal for drinking alone as an aperitif or with hors d’oeuvres featuring cold cuts and fresh cheeses, or with entrées that are not strongly flavoured. The beer is neither filtered nor pasteurised.

Minimum shelf life 5 months.